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Brasov was definitely one of my favorite cities. In fact I liked it so much that after we finished our exchange trip. I stayed in Romania for twelve more days and I spent four of those days in Brasov. The city is like a walk back into medieval times as you stroll the cobbled streets and look at it's well preserved historical architecture. This photo was taken from the top of the hills which surround the city. There is a gondola and a small restaurant at the top, I actually walked to the top which is a great walk for an afternoon. The borders which you see are where the medieval walls once were and in some cases still are but the cities best defense may have been the hills themselves.

When we arrived in Brasov, the first person we met was Marion, the proprietor of the "Bistro de l'Arte" restaurant. Marion is a very active Rotary member and destined to be president soon if he is not already by now. The bistro is one of the best restaurants in Brasov and has reasonable prices. I definitely recommend a visit for a great meal and a glass of wine. While we were there he was in the process of opening up a new pizza restaurant with patio seating, which is very popular on summer days and evenings in Brasov.
Bistro de l'Arte
Piata Enescu 11
Tel. 0268 473 994

Here is the inside of the Bistro. It's actually in a medieval building as the arched ceilings suggest. The walls are adorned with an ever changing art exhibit. The reason it constantly changes is because all the art is for sale so be sure to take a look at some of the work of the local artisans and bring home a souvenir from the Bistro.

The "Bistro de l' Arte" has a great menu, a full service bar, fine wines and a well trained staff. In this photo aside from two of my favorite wait staff you can also see some of the art which adorns the walls.

Clobbered streets made for strolling. This is one of the main streets which leads to the spacious town square (piatza spelled piata with a Romanian "t" pronounced "ts"). You can see the Gondola on top of the hill in the background. There is also a big Brasov sign reminiscent of the famous Hollywood sign to the right of the gondola building.

The town square with the " Black Cathedral" in the background.

There is always something going on in the piata on summer weekends.

Here you see one of the citie's defensive structures, the Graft Bastion erected in the 15th century built between the hills and the defensive walls. The stairs going up the hill lead to a defensive tower overlooking the city, the White Tower which was once connected to the Bastion by a wooden bridge.

This photo of Monet and Marion was taken from the Black Tower on the hill. Marion acted as our guide for our first day he also took great care of us much of the rest of the time including excellent meals at the Best Restaurant in town The Bistro de l'Arte. Thanks Marion!!!

Here is one of the medieval gates to the city, Catherine's Gate, erected in 1559.

Romanian Orthodox Church (Sfantul Nicolae) and cemetery. This church is also the site of the first Romanian school in Brasov. The original church was built in 1399. It was rebuilt in stone in 1495.

This church, St Nicholas was actually outside the medieval walls which protected the city but it along with the surrounding neighborhood was relatively safe from invasions being guarded by steep hills and the city itself on three sides and high mountains on the fourth. It's in this area that the youth hostel , Kismet Dao Hostel is located. I stayed here for four nights when I came back to Brasov after our Rotary trip was finished. If you continue on the road into the mountains you will come to the local ski resort, Poiana Brasov. During my 1998 visit to Romania I actually snowboarded at Poiana with my good friend, Cameron Bronke. We spent New Year's Eve 1999 in Bucharest with Crina and Anca.

The lovely staff at the hostel. This hostel is not only a great place because of it's setting/location and the hostel itself
but there is free internet, free laundry and one free drink each night you stay there.
Kismet Dao Hostel
Address:Str. Democratiei 2
Brasov 2200
Tel. 514-296 inside Brasov
0268-514-296 inside Romania
(40) 268-514-296 outside Romania

View of the "Black Cathedral" from outside the walls. Construction on The Black Cathedral began in 1383 and ended in 1477. In 1668 it caught fire so it has been called the Black Church since.

Romania is traditionally Christian Orthodox. Here is an Orthodox church. The Black Cathedral in the previous photo is not an Orthodox church because it was built by the Germans who were Protestants. At that time Orthodoxy was actually an outlawed religion.

While in Brasov we stayed at the Pension Bielman, which is located in a rural village named Sanpetru outside the city limits.
Hotel Bielmann
Sanpetru jud.
Str. Republicii 134
Tel. 40 268 360 581

Here you can see the backyard of the Pension complete with swimming pool, tennis courts, exercise room and plenty of open space.

There are also conference rooms which is where we had our Rotary meeting. In the left foreground is Mickey the current President of the Brasov club and in the middle rear the gentleman with the brown suede jacket and white hair is Her Bielman our host at the Pension.

Pension Bielman's fine staff. The restaurant and bar are top notch for service and food.

For my vocational day in Brasov I had the pleasure of the company of lovely Michaela. As you may have discovered from my website www.caldreamin.com, I am in the tour and travel business. Well Michaela has a thriving travel agency in Brasov named Dialect Tour. As my personal guide she showed me around Brasov for the day. In fact we visited Poiana Brasov the place where I first skied in Romania in 1998. Once again I should call attention to my missing photos. I really got some nice pictures during our tour. To this day, every time I think of the photos I lost I feel pangs of regret and loss.

Str.Toamnei nr.9
Tel./Fax 40 268 327 041
Contact: Mihaela Anagnost

The narrowest street in Brasov. Rope Street

Some of the other places I liked to frequent in Brasov included the Ye Auld Scotts Pub, which is owned by Steve of a friend of Marion. Steve Connachan is a qualified Physical Education teacher from Preston-Pans in East Lothian, near Edinburgh who settled here in Brasov. I'm happy to recommend a great bar with good meals and fun staff.
Ye Auld Scotts Pub
Apollonia Hirscher, 2
Phone: 40-268-470-183

Another place I discovered on my own was the Bastion. This place is truly Romanian in it's atmosphere, music, clientele and fare. Reccomended for the experienced traveler because I was warned away from this place due to the locals but I had nothing but a good time the three or four times I was there.
The Bastion Bistro Cafe
Str. Republicii, nr. 2
With an entrance on Str. Diaconu Coresi
Tel: 40 268 410 533
During my most recent visit to Romania I discovered that the Bastion has now changed it's name and menu, it has lost it's traditional Romanian flavor and now has a more modern menu including pizza but is still worth a visit and a meal.

We loved Brasov!!

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Photos of Brasov and Romania