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Kodiak, Alaska

From May 20, 2007 to September 20, I worked on Kodiak Island, Alaska as a salmon fisherman at the Little River Set Net Fish Site. This was a great experience for me and I do recommend it to anyone with that adventurous spirit male or female. In fact there were several ladies working at the other fish sites around the island and out on some of the boats. I know because we met them at the Fourth of July party. In fact the majority of the crews were in their twenties and very cool people. I found this job at Alaska Job The following photos are of Kodiak Island including our living quarters, wild life, the Fourth of July party, fishing photos and the natural scenery.

My first impressions of Alaska

Flying into Kodiak

The harbor in Kodiak

On the way to the fish site which is about five hours from the town of Kodiak and all other civilization except other fish sites.

Sealion rock and our neighbors for the summer, the salmon thieves.

An eighteen pound King Salmon

It may look disgusting but after we catch the salmon we break their gills so they bleed to death and throw them into ice water which makes a premium product.

The Eagle's nest with our fish nets below and Katmai National Park in the background. Near Katmai National Park is where Timothy Treadwell (The Grizzly Man) lost his life along with Annie Huguenard to a man eating grizzly. I highly recommend you watch the The Grizzly Man to get an idea of how wild Alaska and the grizzlies really are.

Our neighbors

That's my foot a size 8 which means this bear is rather small. Definitely a lot smaller than the one which chased Derek and I.

The owners of Little River, Bob and Bette Williams

Rob Jr and his wife Christa

My crew mate Derek with our summer homes and Katmai Peninsula in the background.

Me on the way to the fourth of July party.

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